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Exchanges are communities of practice, by Members for Members

What We Do

Learn with peers

Develop as you learn with a broad and diverse network, candidly sharing success stories, lessons learned, and the messy middle.

See around the curve

We hear from research experts and leading practitioners to learn how to apply HR next practices, proven to support business outcomes.

Bring something back

We share examples and tools that support and scale our efficiency and effectiveness on the job.

Celebrate and commiserate

Together, we reflect, question, and encourage. We nurture our collective well-being and passion for this work.

to Start


View upcoming meetings to explore topics of interest.


Join an Exchange to stay in the know and regularly connect with your peers.


Spread the word by sharing relevant meetings with your team.


What Will I Gain?


Connect with a powerful network of experts from across our member community.


Accelerate your own learning as you collaborate with other practitioners to build and share tools and resources specific to your goals.


Amplify your visibility among peers by sharing your expertise or volunteering to lead an Exchange.

How Will I Contribute?

Show up

Make the most of your membership by attending about six meetings a year. Meetings are confidential to support candor, but we provide a summary of learnings.

Speak up

You'll have opportunities to speak, collaborate, and contribute to during meetings, and you neednt have all the answers. Members share examples of their teams achievements and challenges.

Stand out

Shine a spotlight on your HR strategy and progress by representing your teams work. Elevate your team further by serving as a conduit for fresh ideas and new resources.

Help out

Between meetings, you can tap the power of your network to ask questions of your peers and share your experiences and advice on the Expert Network.

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