i4cp 2018 Conference
i4cp 2018 Conference

Discover the next practices of HR.

Join us to discover the next practices you can implement now to beat your competition in the years ahead. Here are four unmatched benefits of attending:

  1. Network with peers--not vendors.
    Meet and collaborate with leaders from the world's top organizations in an exclusive setting free of consultants and vendors.
  2. Learn from the best.
    Hear from preeminent industry thought leaders such as Brené Brown, Dan Pink and Sydney Finkelstein and executives from Accenture, Pinterest, and more on innovative new ways to drive performance.
  3. Gain actionable insights that truly drive market performance.
    Move beyond best practices and learn about next practices.
  4. Discover how talent programs can make your company more agile.
    Make business impact the foundation of your talent strategy.