i4cp 2020 Next Practices Now Conference

Innovative speakers. 500+ senior leaders. Zero vendors/consultants.

"The i4cp Next Practices Now Conference is a great opportunity to connect with other senior HR leaders, many of whom are facing similar challenges. Not only is it reassuring to hear that we are not unique in our issues, but we were also able to work together with the brightest HR minds to find solutions together."
- Lucy Helm, CHRO, Starbucks

i4cp's Next Practices Now Conference is the top-rated human capital event of the year, and for good reason: it is focused on next practices in HR--cutting-edge approaches that impact market performance but that few companies are using.

Designed for senior HR, talent, learning, and other business leaders - and closed to vendors and consultants - the i4cp Next Practices Now Conference offers superior networking and thought leadership so you can better understand and address the critical HR and workforce issues facing your organization.

Join us to discover the next practices you can implement now to beat your competition in the years ahead.


  1. Network with peers--not vendors.
    Meet and collaborate with leaders from the world's top organizations in an exclusive setting free of consultants and vendors.
  2. Learn from the best.
    Hear from preeminent industry thought leaders and executives on innovative new ways to drive performance.
  3. Gain actionable insights that truly drive market performance.
    Move beyond best practices and learn about next practices.
  4. Discover how talent programs can transform your organization.
    Make business impact the foundation of your talent strategy.

Featured speakers

Diane Gherson

About Diane Gherson

During her tenure as CHRO at IBM, Diane has shaped a culture of continuous learning, innovation and agility. At the same time, she has digitally transformed the HR function, incorporating AI and automation across all offerings.

Diane Gherson, IBM

Dave Ulrich

About Dave Ulrich

Dave has long been called the “father of modern HR.” Dave serves as the Rensis Likert Professor of Business at the Ross School, University of Michigan. He is known for turning complex ideas into simple solutions. 

Dave Ulrich, U. of Michigan

Kevin Johnson

About Kevin Johnson

Kevin Johnson, who became Starbucks’ CEO in 2017, is passionate about continuing to nurture what’s at the heart of Starbuck’s success: human connection.

Kevin Johnson, Starbucks

Marshall Goldsmith

About Marshall Goldsmith

Marshall is ranked the world’s #1 executive coach and is the only person to be honored twice by Thinkers50 as the top-ranked Leadership Thinker in the World.

Marshall Goldsmith