About i4cp
The largest and fastest growing network focused on high performance.

i4cp discovers the people practices that drive high performance. Years of research make it clear that top companies approach their workforces differently. At i4cp, we work with our network of organizations to:

  • Reveal what high-performance organizations are doing differently
  • Identify best and next practices for all levels of management
  • Provide the resources to show how workforce improvements have bottom-line impact

Through our exclusive, vendor-free network - in which peers collaborate to drive strategic research and share tools and insights - i4cp provides a unique, practical view of how human capital practices drive high-performance.

What makes i4cp unique

  1. i4cp understands high-performance organizations.
    With a focus on business outcomes, our research reveals the human capital practices that drive revenue growth, market share and profitability.
  2. Unprecedented interactive access.
    Our Interactive Data™ toolkit allows member organizations to benchmark themselves across industries, competitors or other demographics to fully leverage relevant information for a strategic advantage.
  3. The i4cp Expert Network™.
    Members have access to the experience and insight of thousands of defined experts in global organizations on dozens of human capital topics through our Expert Network, which provides members with a unique vehicle to discuss issues and strategies in real-time.
  4. No hidden agenda.
    There are no vendors, consultants or media representatives among our membership; only organizations interacting with other like-minded organizations. And, maybe more importantly, we don't operate a consulting arm poised to upsell members on services based on research, nor is our research sponsored by vendors with their own agendas.

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