Improve workplace productivity that drives high performance.

i4cp discovers the people practices that drive high performance. We support hundreds of the largest organizations in the world to achieve greater corporate productivity through a combination of peer collaboration, human capital research, industry-tested tools and data services.

Membership benefits to improve workplace productivity

Vendors and consultants are not permitted to become members, ensuring a safe, confidential and collaborative environment. Membership is enterprise-wide, features a dedicated account manager and ensures exclusive access to our renowned Annual Membership Conference. Benefits include:

Research into high-performance organizations

i4cp covers 40+ human capital areas across the five domains of high-performance.

Interactive Data™

Customize and filter i4cp data to benchmark against companies of specific industries, size and other demographics.

Research services

i4cp's research team will work with you to get the answers you need.

On-demand webinars

View our vast archive of on-demand webinars to hear insights from i4cp's research experts, corporate executives and industry thought leaders.

The i4cp Expert Network™

Get input and advice directly from thousands of corporate practitioners who are experts in 40+ human capital areas.

Thought leadership

Our subject matter experts are just a phone call away. Unlike some organizations, i4cp offers unlimited access - and doesn't sell consulting.

Peer connections

Get advice directly from senior leaders at other member companies, no matter what the issue or area of human capital.


Download industry-tested tools including scorecards, dashboards and models, many of which are in use today at high-performance companies.

Join many of the world's most successful corporations and become a part of the i4cp network, the fastest and largest of its kind. Contact us today to get started.