About the Group

76% of companies use experiential learning to develop leaders.
Experiential Learning for Leaders (ATD/i4cp)

Developing leaders who are able to drive high performance in a global business environment requires commitment, resources, and an enlightened and informed approach that goes beyond simply skill-building. In the challenging and competitive world business arena, successful leaders have well-honed capabilities, but they also purposefully cultivate a global mindset.

The Leadership Development Exchange, a peer-driven working group, focuses on how global high-performance organizations identify the leadership competencies required to ensure organizational agility and develop effective leaders accordingly. Explore these issues with peers and key thought leaders to apply those strategies in your organization.


Focused strategy. Faster implementation. Greater impact.
  • Collaborate with peers in an exclusive, limited-capacity group

    To achieve the highest level of customization and interaction, the Exchange is limited to a small number of participating companies.

  • Work with cutting-edge experts

    In addition to peer collaboration, hear from a variety of thought leaders in a combination of virtual and in-person sessions.

  • Receive industry-tested tools and templates

    Share and build tools and applications that create leadership development processes to drive high performance in your organization.

  • Get the proprietary research you need

    Drive i4cp’s latest research to identify how high-performance organizations develop their leaders - and be the first to see the results.

  • Learn at multiple in-person forums

    Attend vendor-free forums to meet with peers facing the same challenges and share ideas and tested practices and strategies to develop better solutions.

  • Map out your firm's leadership development strategy

    Through ongoing dialogue and learning, develop practical and cost-effective strategies for developing engaged leaders in your organization.