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What are the top HR priorities for 2024?
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Each year, i4cp’s Priorities and Predictions report provides an in-depth look at what’s next for HR from the perspective of senior HR executives representing the world’s leading and most respected brands.

Based on input from C-Level HR leaders who serve on one of i4cp’s Executive Boards, the 2024 Priorities & Predictions report features 5 predictions that the human capital industry can expect to encounter in 2024.

As the leading research firm dedicated to discovery and advancement of next practices in human capital,

we welcome the opportunity to make this annual report available to the global HR community and business leaders of organizations of every size, from hyper-growth firms to Fortune 1000 companies


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Featuring executive voices from HR, Talent, Learning, Talent Acquisition, DEI, Total Rewards and People Analytics,

i4cp’s annual Priorities & Predictions report has become the most trusted and downloaded human capital predictions publication. We invite you to share this link with your HR peers and business colleagues who stay close to human capital trends and the future of work.

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