2018 Talent Predictions

Insights and implications for hr from i4cp's thought leader consortium.
Kevin Martin

Build Boundaryless Leaders or Become Obsolete

By Kevin Martin
Chief Research Officer, i4cp

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Cher Murphy

Focus on People, Not Proximity

By Cher Murphy
Chief Talent Officer, i4cp

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Elliott Masie

Readiness for Emergencies is a Key HR/Learning Issue in 2017

By Elliott Masie
Founder, The MASIE Center

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Tameika Pope

Embrace the Change: Mastering Strategic Agility in 2018

By Tameika Pope
CHRO, Federal Reserve Board

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Mark Englizian

Gender Inequity and Respect: Now the Work Really Gets Difficult

By Mark Englizian
Founder, Career Systems International

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Kurt Fischer

Talent Management in the Urgency

By Kurt Fischer
i4cp Board Chair and former CHRO, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

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Beverly Kaye

The Right Roles, the Right People, and the Right Retention Strategies

By Beverly Kaye
Founder, Career Systems International

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Joe Santana

5 Talent Strategies for the Increasing Complexity of Disruption

By Joe Santana
i4cp Board Chair and former CDO, Siemens

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John Cone

2018: The Talent Management Tipping Point

By John Cone
i4cp Board Chair & former CLO, Dell

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