About the Group

With unprecedented levels of employment, evolving employee expectations, and the emergence of AI-powered technology to listen and respond to employee sentiment, organizations are rethinking and redesigning the employee experience.

From the hiring process to rewards, onboarding and development, and expectations of a purpose-driven, inclusive environment, the employee experience demands a cohesive vision and coordination across all HR functions and beyond.

i4cp’s Employee Experience Exchange is a peer-driven working group that explores how to design, operationalize, and scale the moments, attitudes, and behaviors that shape a satisfying employee experience.

The group, consisting of dozens of major employers, seeks to dissect the complex challenges organizations face when developing a comprehensive employee experience strategy—by connecting peers, sharing successes (and failures), and examining the latest research on the topic.

Key questions the group explores:

  • What are the primary levers and approaches taken to most impact the employee experience?
  • How do you build alignment and alliances between HR and key business functions?
  • What does the employee experience maturity curve look like?
  • What is the role of analytics in measuring the employee experience?


Focused strategy. Faster implementation. Greater impact.
  • Collaborate with peers in an exclusive, limited-capacity group

    To achieve the highest level of customization and interaction, the Exchange is limited to a small number of participating companies.

  • Learn and benchmark

    In addition to peer collaboration, gain access to cutting-edge ideas, tested practices and strategies to develop better solutions.

  • Receive industry-tested tools and templates

    Share and build tools and applications that support a robust employee experience strategy.

  • Get the proprietary research you need

    Help drive i4cp’s latest research to identify how high-performance organizations establish a robust employee experience.

  • Build your network

    Develop long-lasting relationships with peers facing the same challenges you are.

  • Map out your firm's employee experience strategy

    Through ongoing dialogue and learning, develop practical and cost-effective strategies for establishing a best-in-class employee experience.