About the Group

High-performance organizations are 7x more likely to report increased levels of innovation and creativity as a result of their employee well-being initiatives.
i4cp's Next Practices in Holistic Well-Being

Almost every leader knows this simple truth: providing for the health and well-being of employees is an expensive undertaking. And while the cost continues to increase, done right it can be one of the best investments a company can make—enhancing culture, agility, resiliency, and overall performance of individuals, teams, and the organization as a whole.

Yet despite the massive investment in employee well-being, most organizations don’t perceive their  programs to be very effective.

Building on groundbreaking research by both i4cp and Rob Cross, the Employee Well-Being Exchange is a peer-driven community working group that explores the relational sources of well-being, how personal networks impact this, and the tools to support individual performance and well-being.


Focused strategy. Faster implementation. Greater impact.
  • Collaborate with peers in an exclusive group

    To achieve the highest level of customization and interaction, the Exchange is limited to i4cp and Connected Commons members.

  • Learn and benchmark

    In addition to peer collaboration, gain access to cutting-edge ideas, tested practices, and strategies to develop better solutions..

  • Receive industry-tested tools and templates

    Share and build tools and applications that support your well-being initiatives.

  • Get the proprietary research you need

    Drive i4cp’s latest research to identify next practices in employee well-being.

  • Build your network

    Develop long-lasting relationships with peers facing the same challenges you are.

  • Develop leading edge solutions

    Through ongoing dialogue and learning, develop practical and cost-effective strategies for establishing a holistic well-being approach..