About the Group

High-performance organizations place up to 3x more emphasis on both diversity and inclusion than their lower performing competitors.
i4cp's D&I Metrics, 2019

With heightening urgency to create truly inclusive cultures in our companies, governments, and communities, organizations are exploring innovative approaches to strengthen their inclusion, diversity, and equity strategies and initiatives.

i4cp's Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Exchange will provide a secure venue for a wide range of peer practitioners to engage in thought-provoking and innovative discussions focused on best and next practices. 

The group will support D&I leaders to be a voice to executives, educate HRBPs to be allies and advocates, and develop supporting tools and playbooks to scale next practices.

With an aim to help drive positive change and advancement in diversity, inclusion, and equity across i4cp member organizations, the Exchange will also inform broader ongoing i4cp research. Key questions the group explores:

  • How can organizations shape diversity and inclusion initiatives that support long-term systemic change?
  • What DEI metrics support visibility and accountability?
  • What is the role of Employee Resource Groups in shaping the DEI agenda and supporting an inclusive culture?
  • How can leaders drive education and understanding of DEI as essential to success for the whole organization?


Focused strategy. Faster implementation. Greater impact.
  • Collaborate with peers in an exclusive group

    To achieve the highest level of customization and interaction, the Exchange is limited to i4cp members.

  • Learn and benchmark

    In addition to peer collaboration, gain access to cutting-edge ideas, tested practices, and strategies to develop better solutions..

  • Receive industry-tested tools and templates

    Share and build tools and applications that support your inclusion initiatives.

  • Get the proprietary research you need

    Access and drive i4cp’s latest research to identify next practices in diversity and inclusion.

  • Build your network

    Develop long-lasting relationships with peers facing the same challenges you are.

  • Develop leading edge solutions

    Through ongoing dialogue and learning, develop practical strategues to build a more diverse and inclusive culture.