In our last call, we discussed data supporting our talent review models, best practices for inclusive culture of performance feedback, and mitigation strategies for rater bias. In this call, we ask ourselves some big questions in the face of prevailing culture shifts, such as the increase in cross-silo collaboration, agile principles, and digital automation.


Call Agenda:

·       Develop the challenge statement for Exchange Workshop at March Next Practices Now Conference in Scottsdale, AZ

·       Goal Setting: How are culture shifts influencing the way the way in which team and individual goals are being set and organizational energy is being directed to encourage higher-impact outcomes?

·       Digital enablement: What are some of the unique ways that you are leveraging integrated, enterprise technology platforms (such as Workday); or specific digital talent solutions to enable more valuable employee and/or manager experiences?

·       Branding & marketing: How are you packaging and communicating the power / value of your performance management solution?  How has it made a difference?

·       Look Ahead: What’s on your 2020 agenda?


Quarterly Exchange Meetings are member-led virtual meetings between Exchange Community Working Groups. The agendas are collectively determined based on members' current interests and priorities, along with discussion on the functional implications of recent research.