HERO PME 2024 JULY10 SimplifyRatings

Simplifying Performance Management Ratings - Performance Management Exchange

While a completely ratingless performance management system may not be feasible for some organizations currently, most are simplifying ratings to enhance clarity, fairness, and efficiency. This streamlined approach improves the overall employee experience and aligns the performance management process with the organization's strategic goals. However, a simplified rating system may lack the nuances required to accurately capture the complexity of an employee's performance, potentially resulting in a loss of valuable information about individual strengths and areas for improvement.

Members will share the ratings they currently use (and why), successes they’ve achieved, and other lessons learned.


  • Examples of ratings used by organizations and the advantages/disadvantages of each approach
  • Rating terms to use and how they can support or damage employee development
  • Other strategies to simplify performance management

Looking for inspiration before our meeting? Check out these i4cp resources:

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This event is approved for certification credits.