Workforce analytics has the power to change the ways human resources managers think, but achieving analytical efficiency is not easy.

The use of evidence-based practices to drive talent decisions has huge potential impact on the field of human resources. High-performance organizations already know this; they are much more effective than most companies at using data to measure and understand the drivers of business outcomes, according to i4cp research. Workforce analytics has the power to change the ways HR managers think and the questions they ask.

The Workforce Analytics Exchange (formerly the Evidence-Based HR Exchange) is a research-driven working group that explores how high-performance organizations develop business-driven processes and human capital analytics tools that can be integrated into your HR programs. Benefits »

Current projects and priorities

The group is currently focusing on conducting research, developing tools and discussing via multi-day forums and virtual working sessions best and next practices related to:

  1. Workforce analytics practices in high-performance organizations, focused on how to drive business results.
  2. Building a business intelligence system, using human capital analytics that drives measurable business value.
  3. Case study approaches to workforce analytics and how to impact business and talent decisions.
  4. Analytics tools and practices to successfully develop predictive and prescriptive analytics.
  5. How to implement data driven models, including communicating with analytics, problem-solving, building sponsorship, storytelling for impact, change management (dealing with resistance) and effectiveness metrics.


Focused strategy. Faster implementation. Greater impact.

The group is a solutions-focused, individually tailored and collaborative way to build scientific, evidenced-based approaches to HR that use human capital analytics to improve talent decisions. Join the Workforce Analytics Exchange to:

  • Collaborate with peers in an exclusive, limited-capacity group
    To achieve the highest level of customization and interaction, the Exchange is limited to a small number of participating companies.
  • Work with cutting-edge experts
    In addition to peer collaboration, hear from a variety of thought leaders in a combination of virtual and in-person sessions.
  • Receive industry-tested tools and templates
    Share and create data strategies, modeling tools and data based applications to achieve performance outcomes in your organization.
  • Get the proprietary research you need
    Drive i4cp’s latest research to identify how to both measure organizational impact and drive business results and strategy.
  • Learn at two multi-day forums
    Attend vendor-free forums to meet with peers facing the same challenges and share ideas and tested practices and strategies to develop better solutions.
  • Develop leading edge solutions
    Work with subject matter experts to research and develop next practices and leading edge solutions using evidence-based practices to drive organizational performance

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Vendors and consultants are not permitted to participate.