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i4cp and Susan Meisinger: What HR Leaders Need to Know Now about Talent Acquisition

Organizations that fail to do a great job of attracting and hiring top talent are risking a lot--innovation, satisfied customers, and competitive ability demand a dedicated, engaged, knowledgeable workforce. Two-thirds of business leaders acknowledge this yet only one in four says their organizations are effective at acquiring talent.

The latest issue of i4cp's executive thinksheet series From Now to Next--available as a complimentary download--features human capital expert Susan Meisinger on what it takes to ensure talent-acquisition success. An author, former president and CEO of SHRM, and member of i4cp's respected Thought Leader Consortium, Meisinger adds her insights to next practices in acquisition uncovered by i4cp research.

i4cp recommends that organizations use workforce planning to identify talent risks and refine acquisition efforts, noting that more than half of business leaders admit their firms aren't good at predicting hiring trends. Meisinger adds that a thorough understanding of "the business for which you're charged with providing talent" is a crucial starting point.

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According to Meisinger, technology plays a key role in providing the data HR executives need to gain greater insights "into what works and what doesn't work" for their company's acquisition efforts. Her remarks address talent acquisition pain points challenging many organizations:

  • The two critical aspects of a successful talent acquisition strategy
  • Elements of acquisition CHROs could be overlooking
  • The high-profile company that does acquisition well
  • Two words that will define talent acquisition in the future

Successful talent-acquisition strategies characterize the high-performance organizations i4cp profiles. Those high-performers are 6x more likely to use data to drive decision-making, especially when it comes to hiring and selection.

From Now to Next describes four cutting-edge next practices in talent acquisition taken directly from the latest i4cp research. See how many you can apply to achieve better results for your own organization today.

Carol Morrison
Carol Morrison is a Senior Research Analyst and Associate Editor with the Institute for Corporate Productivity (i4cp), specializing in workforce well-being research.