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The Exact Opposite of a Bad Conference

Have you ever been to a conference or convention that had the promise of being a "learning experience" but soon discovered you were basically paying for the opportunity to be marketed to by vendors and consultants? Now, imagine yourself in the exact opposite situation.

The i4cp 2015 Conference

Without vendors or consultants, I suspect you'd find yourself fully engaged with the presenters and thought leaders, networking, and exchanging ideas freely. That's the idea behind the i4cp 2015 Conference, March 16-19, 2015, in Scottsdale, Arizona.

i4cp's annual conference offers real value, allowing attendees to:

1) Learn something new

2014 was a year in which talent transparency emerged as a key driver at high-performance organizations, as espoused in i4cp's Top 10 Critical Human Capital Issues of 2014. Only time will tell what new drivers will evolve and emerge. At the i4cp 2015 Conference, you can get the inside track on new strategies and hear from preeminent industry thought leaders on, not just best practices, but next practices in human capital that are certain to propel your organization to new heights.

2) Network with peers

You'll never have to worry about being inundated by sales messages from vendors and consultants at an i4cp conference. In fact, we go out of the way to keep our network closed to vendors and consultants in general--something that allows us to keep competing interests at bay and provide the most objective and reliable research in HR/HCM. Talk shop, have a beer, engage, and exchange ideas (and business cards) with peers who are propelling HR at the world's best and innovative companies--not vendors promoting their latest and greatest products and services.

3) Share in the experience

Burning Man is an annual festival held in the Nevada desert that focuses on the spirit of community and expression--at a venue free of vendors. If HR had a cathartic parallel to the experience felt by attendees of Burning Man, it would undoubtedly be in Scottsdale, at the i4cp 2015 Conference. Similar to Burning Man, i4cp conference attendees can share in the experience of being part of a community that's open and receptive to the progression and the free-flowing exchange of ideas. However, instead of sleeping in a tent, you will enjoy a triple-A Five Diamond Hotel.

If there was an infographic that could show "the ROI of attending a human capital conference," it would portray attendees sitting and sharing ideas with one another at an i4cp conference. That's the value of the i4cp 2015 Conference. Reserve your spot today.