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Keeping Human Capital Research Pure

Leading research organization enters fourth decade of operation free of vendor influence or consulting services

The Institute for Corporate Productivity (i4cp), a research organization that focuses on the people practices that drive market performance, continues its unique commitment to a long and proud history of conducting vendor-free research—a history that extends back to 1982.

As the human capital research industry evolves with recent high-profile acquisitions and the big push among marketers at human capital vendors to offer data-driven content to capture the attention of prospective buyers, demands are increasingly coming at the high cost of research quality and business model integrity.

To avoid sacrificing research integrity, we:
  • Do not accept vendor-sponsored or commissioned research. Our research initiatives are driven solely by member organizations, a large majority of which are Fortune 1000 companies.
  • Purposefully do not have a consulting business, to avoid biasing our research toward a consulting agenda.
  • Do not allow vendors or consultants in our member network, to protect the collaborative community that allows practitioners to share ideas, strategies and applications free of concern about being sold to.

"Our members can rest assured that the research we produce is not tainted by vendor money or a consulting agenda," said Kevin Martin, i4cp's Chief Research Officer. "I would venture to say that outside of academic institutions, i4cp is the only ‘pure’ research firm in the human capital space.”

i4cp conducts 30 distinct research studies annually. Each study looks at the workforce (and human resources) through a business lens by comparing specific practices against four market indicators: profitability, revenue growth, market share and customer satisfaction.

“Not only do we reveal the people practices that have the highest impact on business performance, we actually help our members implement these practices—without doing consulting," said Martin.

“We conduct numerous interviews, case studies and webinars with our member organizations to illustrate how specific practices are developed and implemented in the real world. We also actively connect our members—the real experts—to each other through our annual conference, regional events, online Expert Network and phone discussions.”

“We switched from another provider to i4cp because it provides more services that are more relevant to us," said a vice president of HR at a Fortune 1000 company. "i4cp encourages us to call in and leverage the networks, the conversation, the research, and its ability to bring the research together. i4cp is much more customized and intimate.”

Considering switching or want to discover why companies are embracing a pure research approach? i4cp is making a limited-time offer to organizations that want to join its member network but may be contractually committed to another research provider. Contact i4cp at http://www.i4cp.com/contact for more information.

Kevin Martin
Kevin Martin is the chief research officer at i4cp. A highly sought-after international keynote speaker on all aspects of human resources and talent management, Kevin has been recognized as a “Top 100 HR Influencer” by HR Examiner, is a renowned keynote speaker, and has been published in Forbes, Wall Street Journal, and HBR.