It Takes Good Leadership to Develop Good Leaders

If you're looking to develop leadership talent in your organization, start by getting the support of your top executives. According to the preliminary results of i4cp's major new study on leadership competencies, conducted in partnership with the American Management Association, executive support is the number-one factor that contributes to proper leadership development. The study, which is now available for download on i4cp's website, shows that, while lower-performing organizations agree that executive support contributes a helping hand, they do so at a significantly lower level than do higher-performing companies.

In fact, lower-performing organizations responded far less enthusiastically than higher performers on every factor contributing to leadership development by 20 to 50 percentage points. Why the lack of enthusiasm? There could be a Catch-22 aspect to this finding. That is, the top leader may not give support for leadership development because leaders aren't developed properly. Until you develop leaders, you don't get the support, but you can't get the support until you develop leaders who give support. Though the full reasoning may be hard to pin down, this lack of emphasis on leadership buy-in leaves lower-performing companies with lots of room for improvement. How does your organization compare?

i4cp's Leadership Competency Study explores these issues and much more, including training practices, performance measurements, and characteristics of successful leaders. Look for more insightful findings from us on leadership competencies in the weeks and months ahead.

Preliminary results from the study are now available for download as both a PDF document and as Interactive Data. Interactive Data allows customization of the results by a variety of demographics, including market performance index (MPI) score, industry, job level, organization size and more, making it easy to benchmark results and identify potential opportunities for improvement.

We also recommend you read last week's TrendWatcher, The Leadership Competencies That Matter Most in Today's Trying Economic Times, which provides broader details of the survey findings.

The Top 10 Factors That Help Organizations Develop Talent

The chart below represents a small fraction of the findings from the study, which includes training practices, performance measurements, characteristics of successful leaders and more.
Erik Samdahl
Erik is the head of marketing at i4cp, and has nearly 20 years in the market research and human capital research industry.