Agility & Change

Leaders worldwide agree that managing organizational change and the reactions it evokes are vital issues. In fact, i4cp surveys indicate that over two-thirds of global organizations have experienced some sort of disruptive change.

The bottom line is that businesses can not expect to remain viable in fluid markets if they can't anticipate and adjust to new conditions. And today's rapid pace of change is recognized as a leading cause of stress (and distress) for leaders at every level.

Manage organizational changes effectively and efficiently

Organizational change comes in many forms: large-scale restructurings, complex transformations of work processes, and the less-complicated fine-tuning of daily functions. Such modifications require the efforts of many--starting with leaders. i4cp's research, tools, and peer connections equip members to handle strategic organizational changes better than their competitors.

The Change Management Knowledge Center contains:

  • Change management reports and primary research survey findings
  • Organizational change playbooks and executive summaries
  • Topical PowerPoint® graphics
  • Change management research articles
  • A comprehensive database of third-party research
  • Online and offline Q&A with peers at other member companies

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