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Infographic: 4 Essential Practices for Incorporating D&I into Leadership Development

High-performance organizations are 2.5x more effective at leveraging diversity and inclusion (D&I) for business outcomes and, according to the Institute for Corporate Productivity's (i4cp) study Next Practices in Organizational Design and Leadership Development for D&I, specific structures and practices are a major factor in helping to achieve these results. Four key recommendations from this study can get your organization on the road to better integration of leadership development with diversity and inclusion efforts:

  1. Develop a progressive curriculum with blended and specific D&I-related content
  2. Use internal resources (e.g. diversity councils and employee groups) to develop, vet, and deliver content
  3. Make ERG participation a low-cost, high-impact part of your leadership development curriculum
  4. Link the impact of D&I-related training to day-to-day leadership behaviors and business results

The following infographic provides more detail on the points above:

4 Essential Practices for Incorporating Diversity Into Leadership Development

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Eric Davis
Eric received his master’s degree in journalism and mass communication from Marshall University in 1996. He has had 20+ years of workforce experience in a variety of fields. Before coming to i4cp, he worked as a laboratory technician for DuPont, a conference planner for Marshall University, the public relations manager for the Robert C. Byrd Institute for Advanced Technical Manufacturing, and a graphic designer for COX Communications.