Workforce Technology

Industry experts generally agree that the current workforce technology market is trending toward integrated human capital management (HCM) systems supplied by a single vendor. Companies that properly plan and implement such systems stand to gain significant competitive advantages.

Human capital evolution

Human capital technology is an ever-evolving field, with new, improved products regularly coming to market. Still, even the best products can be integrated poorly, leading to widespread problems. With the Workforce Technology Knowledge Center, i4cp members are able to monitor trends and strategies as they relate to technologies ranging from IT developments to virtual meeting software.

Technology Commons

In addition to the Workforce Technology Knowledge Center, i4cp offers the Technology Commons, a network of corporate practitioners combined with a database of vendor and human capital technology information to help members determine the costs, effectiveness, and challenges of purchasing and/or deploying various human capital technologies, without vendor influence or bias.

The Technology Commons looks closer at workforce technology trends and provides unbiased information on HCM vendors, including Authoria, SuccessFactors, and 40 others.

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