Employee Surveys
There are times when a business cannot afford to wait for responses from an annual employee survey. Spotlight™ surveys provide your organization with a flexible and proactive tool that focus the spotlight on a specific area of employee perceptions that can have an impact on the business.

i4cp Spotlight™ surveys provide timely insights that enable you to react quickly to prescribe programs or processes that can be quickly implemented. While Spotlight™ surveys can be a component of an overall employee survey program, they differ from broad organization effectiveness surveys in several ways. Specifically, they:

The Spotlight™ report package

Spotlight™ survey report packages are tailored expressly to meet the objectives of the project. Reports are structured to follow the design of the survey questionnaire.
Typical reporting formats include:

Open-ended write-in questions are sometimes included in Spotlight™ surveys, resulting in reports of key themes and/or verbatim responses (with respondent names removed).

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