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How High-Performance Organizations Maximize Employee Productivity

High-performance organizations are 4.3x more focused on maximizing employee productivity, especially when it comes to employees who work in positions critical to company success. And i4cp research confirms that employees achieve peak productivity when workplaces support and enable them.

Sure, you say. That seems obvious. What’s the big deal? Two things: First, many business leaders haven't done their homework--they simply don't know which talent practices drive productivity in their organizations' critical roles. In turn, that means those leaders don't have the insights they need to create workplaces that support and enable superior performance.

High-performance organizations, such as i4cp member company Flextronics, a global electronics manufacturer, understand that identification of critical roles is job one. To design talent management programming to support optimal productivity, the company first determined which roles were critical, then profiled the skills and competencies workers needed to succeed in those jobs.

Flextronics took a crucial step by involving frontline managers in the quest to maximize workers' productivity. The company recognized what i4cp research affirms--that a supportive workplace and better performance (both individually and organizationally) are likely outcomes when frontline managers spearhead employee development.

Employee ProductivityAt Flextronics, frontline managers helped determine the most effective ways for critical-role employees to apply success-linked competencies in their jobs. Managers also chose what they felt were the best development methods to help their workers progress. Read more about Flextronics' programs to engage, retain, and develop talent in i4cp's Talent Management in the Trenches.

When it's applied by progressive companies, such as Flextronics, i4cp research provides powerful tools to help organizations understand the drivers of critical-role success and the vital part frontline managers play in building workplaces that enable peak performance.

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Carol Morrison
Carol Morrison is a Senior Research Analyst and Associate Editor with the Institute for Corporate Productivity (i4cp), specializing in workforce well-being research.