35 percent engaged employees

Employee Engagement Rates Stay the Same at 35%

Your employee engagement survey results are in... Another year. Another survey. Same results.

While i4cp found plenty of useful information in our latest research survey on employee engagement strategies--namely six talent practices that boost engagement and market performance--the percent of employees who consider themselves strongly engaged at their jobs refuses to budge.

Percent of highly engaged employees in companiesThe study, which was conducted in coordination with our Employee Engagement Exchange (member organizations include Hertz, Paramount Pictures and Toyota), found that only 35% of employees in high-performance organizations of 1,000+ employees are strongly engaged. In lower performing companies, that number drops to 23%.

Surprising? Not really. Whether it's i4cp, Gallup or some other research organization reporting employee engagement rates, the number has stubbornly hovered around a third of all employees. This is a stat that’s frequently referenced in newspapers, journals and other publications, and should serve as a reminder that keeping a large percentage of your workforce truly engaged is not at all easy.

But just because an engaged majority remains elusive doesn't mean companies aren't trying, or succeeding. As our study found, leaders of high-performance organizations acknowledge that engagement is not an end but a means to achieve a greater purpose--better productivity, customer service, retention and other key business objectives.

i4cp members: download our latest report, Six Talent Practices that Boost Engagement and Market Performance, and read more about how Microsoft and Black Hills Corporation are finding success with engagement initiatives.

Erik Samdahl
Erik is the head of marketing at i4cp, and has nearly 20 years in the market research and human capital research industry.