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Complimentary Podcast on New Employee Engagement Research

New research from the Institute for Corporate Productivity (i4cp) reveals the essential practices that have a positive impact on employee engagement and business results. Listen to the Central Valley Business Times audio interview with Kevin Copestick, Director of Member Exchange Programs at i4cp, as he discusses some key highlights from the recent report, Employee Engagement: Strategies and Practices.

One finding Copestick shares is that high-performance organizations are 4.5 times more likely than low-performing organizations to measure the impact of engagement on revenue growth. And, he says, high-performance organizations are twice as likely as low-performance organizations (40% vs. 19%) to include engagement as part of each manager's performance review.

High-performance organizations try to embed employee engagement at every opportunity, from the company’s brand through recruiting and hiring, their training, and performance development. “Our leaders quickly build alignment through tailoring their approach to what the employees see as critical—things that are easily and immediately doable,” Copestick says.

Download the podcast now (10 MB).

Kevin Copestick is also the leader of i4cp's Employee Engagement Exchange, a working group that provides members a unique and powerful way to collaborate with peers and work closely with i4cp experts to develop tools and techniques to achieve high-performance in employee engagement. Learn more here.