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Strategy in Action: Mosaic Delivers Its Performance Management EDGE Globally

The worldwide corporate framework for Mosaic’s performance management system―EDGE (Evaluate, Develop, Grow Excellence)―is an ambitious project that’s been rolled out in the U.S., Canada, China, India, Brazil, Argentina and Peru. Ginger LaBine, Director of Organizational Effectiveness, says, “We built the bulk of the talent management infrastructure within 18 months and established a global performance management system with the help of a cross-functional team with global representation, who called themselves ‘talent-miners.’” Now in its third cycle of annual talent reviews globally, EDGE covers some 2,900 salaried positions.

Local Input

Mickey Blanks, Director, HR-Commercial and International at Mosaic, says that no customization was needed to roll out the EDGE program in Brazil, “Other than translating the forms to the local language, Brazilian Portuguese, we used the same EDGE program, performance ratings, calibration processes and calendar as the corporate model.” Blanks credits much of the success to local involvement in the original design. “The HR Manager for Brazil was part of the design team and helped to influence the structure of the program.”


U.S. headquarters provided train-the-trainer sessions for HR professionals in Brazil to deliver training locally. “Argentina and China also came to the U.S. for a week-long session to show them how to deliver the training in their countries,” said Blanks. The training included days devoted to each of the three key EDGE training modules: competencies; rating scales, by career bands; and giving/receiving feedback, including role-play. Says Blanks, “These aren’t a deep-dive into skill-building but rather an awareness-building focus.”

Additional performance management training is provided for leaders in Brazil. LaBine says, “We utilize our training matrix for further training opportunities for our ‘people leaders.’ These sessions are held in-person quarterly, and we also offer them as e-learning modules in our LMS [Learning Management System].” Mosaic provides external coaches as needed but is currently developing a comprehensive coaching approach as a pilot program.


When it comes to multi-rater programs, Mosaic uses the Personnel Decisions International PROFILOR® tool, mostly for salaried employees in manager and above levels. “We currently have three people certified and intend to certify 13 more individuals to administer and consult internally with the tool, including our Brazil HR partners,” says LaBine.

The EDGE program is highly participative. Mosaic uses SAP’s SuccessFactors business application. “Annually, in June, employees load their goals into the SuccessFactors form and declare if they would like to hold a career development conversation with their ‘people leader,’” explains LaBine. Those conversations are held in August and are documented on the employee website. Mid-year reviews are held in the December/January time frame. “Year-end reviews begin with an employee self-assessment in April/May. Then the performance calibration is due by mid-June to determine impact in the compensation system,” says LaBine. Talent review sessions, assessments and conversations take place, with annual performance forms closing out by August 15.


“Performance is 50% how (based on competencies) and 50% what (based on goals),” says LaBine, “and is not the sole factor in compensation.” Anyone receiving a rating of “improvement required” must be placed on a performance improvement plan, according to Blanks. “There’s usually a 6- to 12-month runway for behavior improvement, with a stronger rating expected by the next cycle of performance review,” says Blanks. “We believe they have the capability to be a better performer.”


Blanks says Mosaic is very transparent in dealing with under- performers. “Brazil has a culture of communication and believes in it. We treat one another as brothers and have those honest conversations,” says Blanks. This culture works well for performance management in Brazil. Blanks says, “Our communication is open and transparent, and people development is an extension of this culture.”

This article is an excerpt from i4cp's report, Purpose-Driven Performance Management in High-Performing Organizations.