David Rock

The Neuroscience of Learning with David Rock

Many models for how people learn are outdated, or at best simply based on observation with no real theory of the active ingredients in learning. Understanding the brain can help organizations actually reduce both the time and cost of learning in significant ways, by leveraging the way the brain retains information.

We are hosting our third webinar with David Rock, founder of the NeuroLeadership Institute, Thursday, February 7 at 1pm EST. David's webinar collaborations with i4cp have been among the most popular ever recorded (watch the previous webinar, The Neuroscience of Growing Talent, on demand), and this latest one should be no different.

The Neuroscience of Learning webinar draws on key research projects led by the NeuroLeadership Institute over the last few years that have helped transform the effectiveness of many learning solutions globally. In this informative session, you will learn:

  • How to design learning initiatives that maximize memory retention
  • Leading practices to facilitate and deliver more effective learning experiences
  • The latest research that questions conventional learning standards

Register now for this complimentary session, and don't miss David in person as he kicks off the upcoming i4cp 2013 Annual Conference with a presentation on creativity and innovation.