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i4cp Launches First Peer-Ranked Directory of Human Capital Conferences

The Institute for Corporate Productivity (i4cp) announced today the launch of the first peer-ranked directory of human capital/human resources conferences, an exclusive new service for its member organizations. Recognizing a need for an unbiased forum to discuss the good, the bad and everything in between, i4cp designed its Conference Reviews platform to give practitioners the concise information they need to make informed decisions regarding travel and conference budgets.

Most companies recognize that conferences and other events can be a valuable source of new ideas, professional development and even business opportunities. An i4cp study conducted three years ago confirmed the value of attending conferences, finding a correlation between sending employees to conferences for development purposes and improved market performance.

Still, many organizations continue to maintain rigid travel restrictions.

And understandably so. Not all conferences are created equally. Some provide premier networking, while others fail to attract a good audience. Where one conference features a great lineup of speakers, another will offer a mixed bag. And some events are so overrun with vendors and consultants that practitioners can barely go to the bathroom without being sold to.

Combining these factors with limited travel budgets, organizations and their employees need to be extra careful when choosing which conferences to attend.

i4cp's Conference Reviews allows practitioners, and only practitioners, to:

  • Share opinions by rating and writing reviews of recently attended conferences
  • Determine which upcoming human capital conferences to attend by aggregating reviews and ratings from previous years
  • Network by seeing who else in the i4cp membership is attending

"Having just returned from a conference I was asked to speak at, which had maybe 70 attendees instead of the 700 the organizers promised, I remarked to my team that I wish there was a place to share that kind of information," said i4cp CEO Kevin Oakes. "The i4cp team quickly responded and created i4cp Conference Reviews. It's clear in talking with our member organizations that they also desired to have a place to openly exchange feedback so every organization can see a return on its travel investment. We know there are other places to get lists of upcoming conferences, but none provide the information, let alone data submitted by practitioners, that i4cp's Conference Reviews does."

The i4cp Conference Reviews service is now available online at

Erik Samdahl
Erik is the head of marketing at i4cp, and has nearly 20 years in the market research and human capital research industry.