Leading Change in a Complex Environment

Johnson and Johnson logo i4cp and member company Johnson & Johnson recently presented the webinar Leading Change in a Complex Environment. The result was our highest-rated event in two years and was widely regarded as "extremely well presented, interesting and timely."

Now, for a limited time, we're making the recording of this informative webinar available to everyone for only $49.95 USD. The offer ends on July 15, 2009, so buy now!

About the webinar

Senior leaders across the U.S. recognize the importance of managing organizational change and employee reactions to such changes. Change has always been something that organizations must deal with, but the current economy is accelerating the pace at which organizations must adapt, restructure and realign.

To help your organization adjust to the rapid changes of 2009 and beyond, watch a webinar recording of Dottie Brienza, VP of Change, Communication and Education at Johnson & Johnson, an i4cp member company and respected leader in innovation. Learn what Johnson & Johnson has been doing to facilitate change management and how their practices can be applied to your organization.

Some of the items covered in this organizational change webinar include:
  • why change management is so important
  • current external factors and impacts to consider
  • practical tips and recommended areas of focus
  • change management case studies.
The webinar recording is available to watch for only $49.95. Buy now!

Other acclaim from attendees include:
  • "Having someone who has experienced change and can speak it as well as the presenter did today is great."
  • "The presenter was excellent - I am usually bored with webinars by 12 minutes in, but this one was exceptional."
  • "Great insights about communicating in a highly-charged environment."
About Dottie Brienza
Dottie Brienza has 25+ years experience in organization development, human resources management and sales, 17 of which have been at Johnson & Johnson. Dottie is currently Vice President, Change, Communications, and Education for Johnson & Johnson. Prior to her current role, Dottie was VP HR- Change Management, Johnson & Johnson Consumer Group for the acquisition and integration of the Pfizer Consumer Healthcare business. This $17 Billion acquisition was the largest in J&J’s 120 year history.

Previously, Ms. Brienza was the Worldwide Vice President of Human Resources and a member of the Global Management Board for the ETHICON franchise of Johnson & Johnson, a $3.5 billion business with 10,000 employees globally, part of the Medical Device & Diagnostics Group of J&J.
Erik Samdahl
Erik is the head of marketing at i4cp, and has nearly 20 years in the market research and human capital research industry.