Protecting Corporate Culture in a Recession

This is where things get sticky, with many companies stranded in the mire of a down economy that has just this week finally been declared a recession.

As the saying goes, a good economy is like a rising tide that lifts all boats. That rising tide helps float a lot of companies, sometimes even those encrusted and otherwise weighed down with organizational problems. In the bad times, however, the tide recedes and a lot of those problems beneath the proverbial waterline become both more visible and more treacherous.

How can companies avoid becoming victims of a low economic tide? One of the best ways may be to focus on their corporate cultures, suggests a major new global study commissioned by the American Management Association (AMA) and conducted by i4cp. Read more about corporate culture in a recession.
Erik Samdahl
Erik is the head of marketing at i4cp, and has nearly 20 years in the market research and human capital research industry.