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In the Age of #metoo, i4cp’s Rapport Introduces a Better Way to Capture the True Employee Voice

Next-generation employee survey platform uses AI and natural language processing to analyze employee sentiment in real time

Today i4cp unveiled the latest version of Rapport™, the next-generation employee experience platform. Rapport is emerging as the most accurate way to gauge the true employee experience and respond to real-time concerns and opportunities.

Rapport uses artificial intelligence, natural language processing, and i4cp’s acclaimed research on the people practices of high-performance organizations to analyze free-form comments from employees. This allows organizations to surface employee sentiment in ways that go far beyond the traditional Likert scale survey.

“The #metoo movement has encouraged employees to speak up, and demand for more inclusive behaviors in the workplace has risen to new levels. Allowing employees to freely and confidentially say what is on their mind, and truly understanding the employee experience, is more important today than ever before,” says Kevin Oakes, CEO of i4cp. “Traditional approaches to understanding employee sentiment—namely engagement surveys—using pre-canned answers fail to identify a myriad of other concerns and strengths within organizations. Rapport helps leaders listen, learn, and act on the real issues employees are dealing with.”

To make it even easier for organizations to capture the true employee voice, i4cp has debuted three new ways to get started and see results immediately:

  1. The Outside-in-View 
    With its highly accurate AI features, Rapport can easily conduct an outside-in-view of an organization’s employee brand from popular employee social sites. Designed to categorize and analyze free-form narrative comments, Rapport allows companies to quickly see how they are perceived by prospective, current, and past employees and act on negative (and positive) trends.
  2. Legacy Employee Survey Comment Review 
    Most organizations have untapped insights from thousands of comments in the open comment section of previous engagement surveys. Rapport can analyze and aggregate these narrative comments in a matter of moments.
  3. Inclusive Workplace Survey 
    Rapport enables organizations to benchmark vs. i4cp’s Inclusion Effectiveness Index. Based on i4cp’s high performance research on the values and principles in an inclusive workplace, the platform recognizes expressions that reveal how employees feel about their work environment.

There are better ways to capture and understand the real employee voice. Rapport is ready to help organizations truly listen and understand. For a free demo of Rapport, go to https://www.i4cp.com/rapport

Erik Samdahl
Erik is the head of marketing at i4cp, and has nearly 20 years in the market research and human capital research industry.