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i4cp Expands Culture Renovation® Solutions with AI Technology that Measures Employer Brand and Culture

Partnership with CultureX leverages MIT-developed platform to provide unique insights into organizational culture

Seattle, WA (August 3, 2021) - The Institute for Corporate Productivity (i4cp) announced today a strategic partnership with CultureX to give organizations unprecedented insight into their corporate culture, employer brand, and risk for employee attrition using MIT-developed artificial intelligence.

The partnership combines the blueprint for successful organizational culture change outlined in i4cp’s groundbreaking research—and CEO Kevin Oakes’ bestselling book Culture Renovation®—with CultureX’s proprietary AI-driven technology. Developed at MIT, the platform leverages Natural Language Processing (NLP) to analyze employee sentiment and quickly and accurately pinpoint strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for improvement.

The technology adds a new element to i4cp’s Culture Renovation solutions, enabling a well-rounded and accurate assessment of organizational culture. It offers business leaders a deep understanding of workforce sentiment, gauges the strength of employer brand to attract and retain employees, and provides comparative insight into competitors by analyzing comments from career sites and employee surveys.

“As we enter the next era of work, many organizations are looking to renovate their cultures to be able to adapt to future market disruptions more quickly and improve their ability to attract and retain employees,” said Oakes. “However, employers face an uphill battle with an impending talent exodus, difficult decisions on workforce flexibility, and cultural rifts exposed as they return to office. Our partnership with CultureX enables business leaders to pinpoint culture risks and, using the 18 actions in Culture Renovation, drive change more efficiently and effectively.”

“Understanding and incorporating the employee voice is crucial to the success of organizations, particularly during times of turbulence,” said Don Sull, co-founder of CultureX and Senior Lecturer at MIT Sloan School of Management, “At CultureX, we have invented a technology that allows leaders to listen to employees at scale with great insight and nuance. i4cp’s Culture Renovation blueprint offers organizations an actionable, evidence-backed way to create lasting cultural change, and we are excited to provide the employee listening component to the solution. We believe our partnership offers organizations a best-in-class opportunity to translate culture from abstract philosophizing into concrete results that create demonstrable value.”

i4cp’s Culture Renovation solution suite includes:

Culture Renovation BrandView – Provides insight into how job seekers (and employees) view your organization—without conducting internal surveys or sharing employee data. BrandView allows organizations to benchmark their culture versus key competitors to build an employer brand that wins in the talent marketplace using externally curated data.

Culture Renovation CultureView – Using open text comments from recent engagement surveys, exit surveys, or pulse surveys, CultureView provides a comprehensive culture diagnostic that identifies cultural strengths, pressing challenges, microcultures, and trends over time. 

Culture Renovation Assessment – Utilizing research-backed indicators of a healthy culture, the assessment combines employee survey results and net promoter feedback with an analysis of external sentiment data to produce a comprehensive understanding of your organization's culture.

Culture Renovation Dashboard – Connecting culture data from multiple sources, the dashboard ensures that executives and corporate boards have a comprehensive, integrated, and real-time view of culture health, whether their organizations are planning, building, or maintaining a change.

Culture Renovation Workshops - Using the 18 actions identified in i4cp’s research on successful culture renovation as a framework, these i4cp-led workshops equip leaders to drive sustained and effective organizational culture change from concept to reality.

Visit culturerenovation.com to set up a Culture Insights meeting to discuss which solution is right for your organization.

About i4cp

i4cp is the leading authority on next practices in human capital. We produce more research than any other human capital research firm in the world, and many of the world’s most prominent organizations and HR leaders turn to i4cp to better capitalize on emerging workforce trends. Supported by a powerful community of human capital practitioners, we provide insights that help organizations better anticipate, adapt, and act in a constantly changing business environment.

About CultureX

CultureX delivers actionable insights organizations need to measurably improve their cultures. Harnessing cutting-edge artificial intelligence developed at MIT, CultureX measures culture with high accuracy and pinpoints concrete ways to improve. Based on decades of research and work with dozens of Fortune Global 500 companies, CultureX builds vibrant cultures to enrich the lives of employees and win in the marketplace, making sense of what employees say about their organization online and in internal surveys and about one another in performance reviews and 360 feedback.

CultureX created the Culture 500, an interactive MIT study measuring the cultures of more than 500 of the largest employers in the United States based on 1.4 million employee reviews.