Nina Holtsberry

Director of Member Engagement

Nina Lee Holtsberry is the Director of Member Engagement at i4cp; her role is focused on making the member experience consistent and ideating new ways for members to engage, interact, and integrate with i4cp’s research. Nina is driven by process enhancement, strategic thinking, and flow.

Prior to joining i4cp, Nina established a career in consulting around operations and growth. Nina has worked with a range of industries including biotech, agriculture, manufacturing, aerospace, and consumer goods; all with a focus on continuous improvement and increased efficiency.

Nina completed her undergraduate studies at Seattle University and attended law school at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. While Nina is an active member of the Washington State Bar Association, she is happy to identify as a “Recovering Attorney.”

A travel addict and adventure seeker, Nina is a digital nomad who primarily splits her time between Seattle, WA and San Francisco, CA. Nina is a wellness enthusiast and happiness devotee.