Peer Communities Are Here!

Members now have the ability to actively and privately discuss workforce productivity issues, request best practices and share experiences

2007 was an exciting and busy year. We transitioned from the Human Resource Institute (HRI) to the Institute for Corporate Productivity (i4cp), expanded our management team, added to our research team and focused harder than ever to enhance and extend the services we provide to our members.

As part of our ongoing commitment to providing robust and valuable online tools, we recently launched the first stage of our peer community features. If you’ve visited recently, you may have noticed that discussion forums have been added to each of our Knowledge Centers. Based on a survey we conducted last fall, it’s clear that our members are already pretty adept at using online communities - many already use them today for professional purposes. With the launch of our peer communities, i4cp now provides a private environment free of vendors and consultants to discuss best practices, ask questions, request information, comment on current issues and share what has worked.

If you haven’t tried it yet, log in now to begin! You can start a discussion or join an existing one (members only) in any Knowledge Center you have access to. For example, here are a couple of conversations which have already begun:

Over the next few months we expect that each peer community will grow as members become more accustomed to using this functionality, and as our own analysts and pillar directors become more directly involved in the conversations. As you start to utilize the expertise of your peers, keep your eye out for future enhancements to your favorite community – we will soon be adding additional features, such as RSS feeds, topic highlights and the ability to poll other members directly.

While we’re excited by what we have implemented and still have planned, the best ideas have always come directly from our membership. After using some of these new features, we’d appreciate it if you can take a moment to respond to the following:

  • What features and capabilities would you like to see in the coming months?
  • Any changes you’d recommend?
  • What new organizations would you like to see participating in the community?
  • Any other suggestions?

Let us know! And, as always, thanks for your enthusiasm and support – i4cp is what it is today because of the loyalty and leadership our members demonstrate every day.

Not a member? Contact us to get started.