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Webinar - Measuring, Managing, and Maximizing Team Collaboration

The research makes the problem clear: with most work now happening remotely, only 29% of organizations believe their managers can effectively lead virtual teams. But even before the pandemic struck, organizations and leaders were in need of new tools to better analyze connectivity and collaboration to improve agility, execution, and workforce performance.

In a follow-up to the webinar Accelerating Virtual Team Agility & Effectiveness, in which thought leader and Connected Commons co-founder Rob Cross explored the six collaborative archetypes that undermine group success, we’ll go a step further and bring the research to light through a powerful new analytics platform that quickly visualizes and analyzes communication and collaboration, provides insights about workflows within your team, group, or department, and most importantly offers research-based recommendations to implement immediate improvements.

Led by Deb Zehner, Director of Applied Research, Connected Commons, get an exclusive look at the Agility Accelerator and hear how three organizations have used the research and platform in the real world. Panelists include:

  • Kara Burke, VP Innovation and Growth, Rich Products
  • Ellen Lopresti, Head of Talent & Performance Development, Agios Pharmaceuticals
  • Willis Jensen, HR Analytics, W.L. Gore & Associates