Webinar: The Purpose Effect: The Impact of Aligning Personal, Role, & Organizational Purpose.

Presented by Dan Pontefract, Chief Envisioner at TELUS. 

Society is quickly changing. Companies are forced to adapt even quicker. Since 1955, 89% of all organizations on the Fortune 500 have disappeared. The average tenure of a company on the Fortune 500 used to be 75 years, but these days it’s only 5 years. Why? There are structural and behavioral changes an organization needs to make not only to survive, but to thrive. When a defined sense of personal and role purpose is combined with a higher sense of organizational purpose, an engaged company is proven to be more successful, productive and endearing to society.

Leaders may not know it yet, but having a sense of purpose has become table-stakes for many employees at work, and today’s organizations are being pressured to exhibit purpose in their operation practices. If there is a positive interconnection between the three distinct categories of purpose—personal, role, and organization—the benefits should be felt by all stakeholders, not just profit seekers or shareholders.

Please join us September 15th for a webinar with internationally renowned author Dan Pontefract, to learn more about this balanced state of purpose that he refers to as the “sweet spot” and how you can assist employees to understand the alignment of personal, organizational and role purpose to help craft a higher purpose for your organization.

In this webinar you will:

  • Discover the relationship between personal, role and organizational purpose.
  • Learn how HR can help define the difference between a job, career and purpose mindset.
  • Find out how the “Good DEEDS” of an organization benefits, customers, society and employees.

Dan is a passionate leader in the leadership & social collaboration technology spaces and is uniquely skilled to ensure an organization can move from traditional cultures to healthier ways of working. He was recruited into TELUS in Q4 of 2008, previously holding senior positions with SAP, Business Objects, Crystal Decisions and the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT).

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