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Retail CHRO Roundtable - August Meeting

The retail industry has been drastically impacted by the pandemic in ways that will influence the sector for years to come. Between store closures and rapid increase in online sales, to Covid safety concerns, to rampant discrimination, HR has scrambled to find ways to retain, support, and reskill employees.

To help the CHROs of retailers address the future of work, i4cp is launching a "Retail Roundtable" - a small community of Retail CHROs to meet monthly on critical topics impacting their workforce. This exclusive, virtual roundtable will be co-lead by Julie Lodge-Jarrett, CHRO at Dick's Sporting Goods, and Carrie Bevis, Managing Director of Community & Partnership at i4cp.

Over the course of the year, we'll cover issues ranging from employee & customer vaccination policies, employee well-being, and the DEI issues. We will share fresh data and insights and then discuss the impact and action among senior peers.

We invite you to join us at our third meeting on August 11, 1-2:30PM ET (invite-only). We want to learn from your work and support you through this challenging time in our industry.