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i4cp @ HR Tech 2023: Building a Healthy, Productive and AI-Fueled Culture Workshop

Don't miss i4cp at the HR Tech 2023 Conference! Use code i4cp to save $350 and then come meet Kevin Oakes, CEO of i4cp and author of Culture Renovation, and Katheryn Brekken, Sr. Research Analyst, i4cp, for one of the pre-conference workshops (included in the price of admission).

AI is a disruptive force, and it presents profound opportunity to better understand your culture.

Get your HR Tech experience started with a hands-on exploration of the healthy cultural habits of high-performance organizations and the approaches they take to maximize productivity. Based on the latest research from i4cp, this workshop will arm you with a blueprint to create a healthier culture and better understanding of how technology — and especially AI — plays a critical role along the way.