The next evolution of online exit surveys & stay interviews.

Over 80% report that their organizations conduct exit interviews. But most employees are wary of burning bridges and providing specifics that would help to develop strategies that address unwanted turnover.
i4cp's 7 Strategies to Reduce Turnover Report

Retaining your best employees and minimizing unwanted turnover is critical. Understanding why top talent stays or leaves, and recognizing the early indicators that they may leave, is essential. But if your company is like most, collecting the necessary data and making informed decisions to mitigate this costly risk is a struggle.

ExitMetrix, i4cp's exit survey solution, can help you:

  • Understand why your best employees choose to leave and stay with the organization
  • Identify early warning signals of retention issues
  • Gain insights into employee preferences and motivations
  • Assess the competitiveness of your company‚Äôs employee value proposition

The ExitMetrix approach combines social science, research, and experience.

Exit research is more than collecting statistics about employee departures. Utilize i4cp's extensive experience and research into next practices of workforce retention and engagement to effectively interpret meaningful exit data and make it actionable.


Internally administered exit interviews typically receive lower levels of participation because people are reluctant to "burn bridges" with candid feedback. Take advantage of our third-party administration, to provide both objectivity and privacy.



Lack of consistency in data-gathering makes it hard to aggregate and identify trends. Drawing from our decades of data collection and research experience, we provide dependable data-gathering and reporting.



HR often lacks the resources required to conduct interviews or chooses to allocate HR team members to other high priority challenges. ExitMetrix removes those barriers.



Many companies conduct exit surveys, but to marginal benefit. Our research-based survey content and expertise in exit survey design and reporting makes the data collected both instructive and actionable.