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SURVEY RESULTS | COVID-19 Response: Total Rewards March 20, 2020

How has the outbreak of the Coronavirus affected business? Download the results of this pulse survey to see how employers are responding the coronavirus outbreak. In this pulse survey on the coronavirus’s impact on business, we surveyed HR decision makers to understand:

  1. What sort of technology, equipment, etc. is your organization allowing employees to take home to enable their productivity while working remotely? (check all that apply) 2
  2. In the interest of maintaining a greater sense of business continuity, is your organization offering incentive bonuses to employees who agree to work onsite? 3
  3. Is your organization adjusting compensation/incentives for your salesforce, given how the pandemic affects their ability to travel, meet with potential clients, etc.? 4
  4. Has your organization made any pay interventions due to COVID-19 thus far that could potentially become permanent benefits? 5