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SURVEY RESULTS | COVID-19 Response: Total Rewards April 2, 2020

How has the outbreak of the Coronavirus affected business? Download the results of this pulse survey to see how employers are responding the coronavirus outbreak. In this pulse survey on the coronavirus’s impact on business, we surveyed HR decision makers to understand:

  1. Has the COVID-19 pandemic prompted your organization to change its approach to setting goals as part of long-term incentive plan design?
  2. Given the changes the COVID-19 pandemic has forced employers to make in terms of offering remote work options, do you foresee your organization expanding or increasing flexible work arrangements on a more permanent basis?
  3. Is your organization offering full-time employees the option to work part-time if they are parents and need to focus on homeschooling and/or childcare in addition to their job responsibilities?
  4. Is your organization making changes to workplace policies that will increase workplace safety and health as employees return to work, whenever that might be?