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SURVEY RESULTS | COVID-19 Response: Talent Acquisition April 6, 2020

How has the outbreak of the Coronavirus affected business? Download the results of this pulse survey to see how employers are responding the coronavirus outbreak. In this pulse survey on the coronavirus’s impact on business, we surveyed HR decision makers to understand:

  1. To what extent is your organization focused on skills inventories of your current staff (i.e., internal talent planning) in response to the COVID-19 pandemic? 
  2. To what extent is your organization modifying its pre-employment contingency requirements (i.e., background checks, drug testing, etc.)? 
  3. To what extent is your organization’s talent acquisition team currently focused on building pools of candidates without having an active position available? 
  4. What activities are your talent acquisition team members focusing on during the COVID-19 pandemic hiring slowdown?