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Three-Quarters of Organizations Are Providing Support for Employees Working from Home While Caring for Children

New survey from the Institute for Corporate Productivity (i4cp) finds 75% of organizations reporting that they are providing support and resources to employees who have been forced to work from home throughout the coronavirus pandemic and are now balancing childcare and/or homeschooling responsibilities.  childcare support

Those employers that are already providing resources to these workers (and the additional 2% considering doing so in the near future) are offering support in a number of ways, such as: 

  • A 10-day pandemic leave for employees who contract the virus, are caring for someone with the virus, are self-quarantining as a result of exposure, or are unable to complete work responsibilities due to childcare challenges. This is available prior to the use of any PTO being required.
  • A childcare subsidy of $100 per day if a family member or friend looks after children.
  • Backup child/elder care, as well as monthly reimbursement for incremental home office-related costs such as Internet or office supplies.
  • Providing full pay for employees unable to work due to childcare responsibilities, and additional cost coverage up to $500 for tutoring or childcare.  

Download the full survey results—due to the current global health and productivity crisis affecting everyone, i4cp is making all related ongoing research publicly available. 

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