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Diversity & Inclusion COVID-19 Action with Cruise's Brian Fishbone & Astellas Pharma's Eloiza Domingo - 5/12/20

In response to the rapidly developing coronavirus outbreak and its unprecedented impact to business and employers, i4cp has launched a series of weekly standing calls specific to Diversity & Inclusion Leaders. We understand that there are unique immediate and future impacts to your diversity & inclusion strategy, including workplace safety, education on harmful stereotypes, and sensitive responses for at-risk populations. We aim to provide you with a supporting member community and our expert i4cp research team to stand by you over the coming months as the situation unfolds.

Each week includes an interview with one or more featured guests (this week's guests: Brian Fishbone, CDO, Cruise Automation & Eloiza Domingo, Astellas Pharma, Global Head and Executive Director, Engagement, Diversity & Inclusion), a review of new i4cp data, and opportunity for discussion, questions, and idea sharing.

This meeting is open to both i4cp members and non-members. To keep it exclusive to diversity & Inclusion practitioners, vendors and consultants are not permitted to attend.