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CHRO COVID-19 Action with ServiceNow's Pat Wadors & Mercury System's Emma Woodthrope - 6/05/20

In response to the rapidly developing coronavirus outbreak and its unprecedented impact to business and employers, i4cp has launched a multi-week series of weekly standing calls specific to CHROs.

We understand that there are unique, immediate and future impacts to your HR strategy, and we aim to provide you with a supporting member community and our expert i4cp research team to stand by you over the coming months as the situation unfolds.

This week will featured Pat Wadors, CHRO of ServiceNow & Emma Woodthrope, CHRO of Mercury Systems, who, among other things, will provide an update on the People + Work initiative launched in April to keep people employed during the pandemic.

This meeting is open to both i4cp members and non-members. To keep it exclusive to HR executives, vendors and consultants are not permitted to attend.