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Workday expands employee sick leave and implements an Employee Match Program for relief efforts

As part of our Employee Match Program, our employees can have their donations matched by Workday to organizations that include CDC Foundation, COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund for WHO, Direct Relief, and Doctors Without Borders. Bay Area employees can also choose to contribute to the Silicon Valley Community Foundation’s Regional Response Fund and have their donations matched.

We’ve also provided our employees with access to a platform through Workday that allows them to set up fundraising campaigns for organizations in their own areas that need critical funds to support local residents and small businesses. 

A one-time payment—equivalent to two-weeks pay—for the majority of employees to help accommodate any unforeseen costs and needs at their discretion. With schools and support services moving to virtual experiences or being temporarily suspended, we know our employees need the additional financial support and flexibility. We hope this additional pay will help alleviate some of the pressures. You can read more about it in our financial disclosure.

We are setting up a relief fund to help employees who may need additional support and have significant hardships that go above and beyond.

We’re expanding our benefit from 10 to 15 days to help source and pay for back-up childcare providers.

We’ve arranged one-year access to Headspace—a research-backed app that offers meditations on everything from stress and anxiety to focus and sleep.

We expanded our paid sick leave policy for any employee who becomes infected with COVID-19.

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