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Fred Meyer Implements "Hero Bonus" for Hourly Frontline Employees During Pandemic

Grocer Fred Meyer will provide all of its hourly grocery, supply chain, manufacturing, pharmacy and call center associates a "Hero Bonus" for all of their hard work on the frontlines during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Hero Bonus will be a $2 premium above their standard base rate of pay, applied to hours worked from March 29-April 18, 2020. The premium is going to be disbursed weekly to associates to ensure they have access to additional cash.

“Our associates have displayed the true actions of a hero, working tirelessly on the frontlines to ensure everyone has access to affordable, fresh food and essentials during this national emergency,” said Dennis Gibson, president of Fred Meyer. “The Hero Bonus is just one more way we continue to convey our thanks and gratitude not only to our existing associates but also to the many new hires who have joined us in the past two weeks and those who will soon join Fred Meyer Stores.” Fred Meyer also recently provided its frontline associates a one-time bonus of $300 for full-time employees and $150 for part-time employees.

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