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Even in a Pandemic, Avanade Enables Volunteer-Minded Employees to Help the Community

Among the benefits offered by Seattle-based global IT consulting and services provider Avanade (an i4cp member), to its employees is eight paid hours to volunteer in the community each year.

The spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus has obviously curtailed employees’ ability to get out into their communities to carry out philanthropic efforts in meaningful ways. But it hasn’t stopped them altogether, and Avanade is encouraging its 30,000+ workforce—to the extent that they can—to use their volunteer hours to help those most affected by the pandemic.

Additionally, Avanade has temporarily removed the annual eight-hour cap on paid volunteer hours and has expanded the scope of its corporate volunteerism beyond 501 (c)(3) and non-governmental organizations. This allows employees to simply do good in their communities in any ways they can, such as doing the grocery shopping for an elderly or immune-compromised neighbor, for example.