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Ally Financial follows its mantra of “Do it Right” & expands employee benefits

Says Ally’s CHRO, Kathie Patterson: “This pandemic has shown how critical it is to embrace our humanity, be understanding and caring — and that holds true for companies, too. Make sure ‘human’ is prioritized in Human Resources. At Ally, we’ve been driven by what’s right — just like our mantra to ‘Do It Right’ — and we will do whatever we can to support the well-being of customers and employees.

Our already-existing financial, medical and mental health benefits were well designed to help employees through this crisis — and we further expanded our offerings to include additional services, like free telemedicine consults, that are tailored to this specific crisis. Everything we do is through the lens of care and support. That's the culture of Ally. When you get culture right everything else falls into place and there is no better time to let that shine than right now.”

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