CHRO Impact Cohort

Accelerating CHRO impact through key untapped leadership opportunities

Led by thought leaders Pete Ramstad and Dr. John Boudreau.

CHROs face undeniably greater and more multi-faceted demands; tasked with leading the decisions and processes that affect an organization's most valuable asset – its people. CHRO Impact Cohort provides an action-learning experience, combining individual coaching and group cohorts, to enhance CHROs effectiveness in driving organizational success through strategy shaping.

Development areas include:

  • Assessing the organization’s strategic planning capabilities and processes
  • Identifying the strategy levels in the planning process and the CHRO leadership opportunities at each
  • Shaping the planning processes through collaboration with the strategy process leaders
  • Leveraging the leadership development opportunities within the strategic planning process
  • Embedding evidence-based talent decision frameworks earlier in the strategic planning process
  • Developing HR function leaders by engaging them more deeply in the strategic planning process

What Makes This Program Distinctly Valuable?

  • Offers an evidence-based approach to the CHRO role and leadership opportunities
  • Combines unique research and applied experience
  • Creates a valuable network of participating CHROs focused on similar issues
  • Features active learning that engages your actual strategic processes, your actual Board and top leadership team, with applications to your unique context and role
  • Provides direct engagement and coaching with Pete Ramstad, former CHRO & Dr. John Boudreau, global thought leader, Senior Research Scientist and Professor Emeritus at USC Marshall School of Business, and co-authors of Beyond HR

How It Works

  • Cohort size is 10 to 15 CHROs.
  • Delivered via six 1:1 sessions and five cohort sessions
  • Six-to-eight-month timespan