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The 21 Most Popular HR Resources of 2021

More than a few things happened in 2021, and our research team—in coordination with our amazing member community—produced some terrific reports, articles, tools, and more to help guide you and your team through the thick of it all. As 2021 comes to a close, here are the 21 most popular i4cp resources you may have missed:

1. Considerations and Best Practices for Running Hybrid Meetings

2. From Cube to Cloud: The Next Era of Work

3. Accelerating Total Workforce Readiness

4. What is Organizational Network Analysis? And How Does it Benefit Companies?

5. How the Great Resignation May Lead to the Great Revitalization

6. Research Confirms It: Your Employees Are Fried

7. Hybrid Work Manager Guide & Other Resources

8. Five Ways Leaders Can Supercharge Performance and Drive Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

9. Reinventing the Watercooler Effect: How virtual cross-company encounters can increase innovation in a hybrid world

10. The Talent Imperative: 5 Actions to Combat the Great Resignation

11. Why Are Bias Audits So Important Yet So Challenging?

12. The Hard Reality of Soft Skills

13. When Anti-Asian Racism Feels Invisible

14. Compensation Policies in the Era of Untethered Workers Challenge Many Organizations

15. Redefining the Misnomer of "Return to Work"

16. What is Workforce Readiness? And Why Aren’t You Measuring It?

17. Are Companies Following Through on their Diversity & Inclusion Pledges?

18. 2021 Corporate Human Capital Disclosures: Where’s the Beef?

19. Want Strategic HRBPs? Embrace Hybrid Work.

20. Organizations are Merely Guessing in the War for Talent

21. Recruiting in the Ring: The Fight for Workers is On