Pre-Conference Workshop
Sensing Turbulence: How HR Must Adapt to the Changing Nature of Work

Monday, March 11, 1pm to 5pm
$995/person Eligible for 4 HRCI Credits
Organizational agility

Led by Jay Jamrog
Co-founder and futurist, i4cp

We are living in an age where the pace of change is relentless.  As a result, many of our accepted truths about how society, politics, and the very nature of work are no longer relevant or useful.  

This acceleration is forcing organizations to rethink the ways they operate...from strategy, to values, to operating models, to customer expectations, to how work is performed.  Shayne Elliott, CEO at ANZ Bank said it best in i4cp’s recent report on organizational agility: “The goal (today) should always be speed from sensing to insight to action.”

This workshop will present several exercises and tools for HR professionals to support senior leadership with these changes:

  • Develop better methods for sensing the internal and external environment. Specifically, how can HR gain a deeper understanding of the major trends and counter-trends that are disrupting work and the workplace?
  • Translate sensing capabilities into insights. How will identified trends impact the future of work?
  • Turn insights into action. What are the actions HR can take to proactively meet future business needs?

You'll work with i4cp's futurist to identify real trends affecting work, HR, and business and subsequently develop action plans to anticipate, adapt, and act on those trends.

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Vendors and consultants are not permitted to attend.